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Porsche 356 · 550 · 550A · RSK · RS60 · RS61 · 904 · 906 · 910 · 917 · RSR- 911 · 914 · 956

Andy Prill - Prill Porsche Classics

Andy Prill is a qualified mechanical engineer who has had a lifelong passion for motorcycles and cars inherited from his father.  A lifelong motorcycle trials rider he has competed at all levels from local club events to world championship.  Andy still rides today but now it is mostly on historical machinery.  Car racing began in the 1990s and continues to this day.

Andy’s love affair with Porsche began in the early 1990s when he fell in love with and embarked on the full restoration of a 1968 Porsche 912.  The car turned out to require much more than expected and after almost three years hard work the result was a near perfect 912.  The project was a steep but rewarding learning curve that confirmed a deep empathy with Porsche’s design and engineering. The project also confirmed that there was no one specialising in the 912 and this led to Andy helping and assisting other owners and becoming the 912 Register Secretary of Porsche Club GB.

In 1996 in addition to a busy full time job Andy formed AJP Engineering building Porsche engines and supplying specialist engine parts. Having established friendships with the late greats – Harry Pellow and Duane Spencer the company’s knowledge and experience grew rapidly and it also sold and distributed Duane’s Shasta Design Engineering products and that continues to this day.

In 1999, Andy left his career to concentrate on AJP Engineering full time and in 2000 relocated to North Essex.  Between 1999 and 2006 the small company established a world-wide reputation for its engine building, restoration and race preparation.  The company’s stature had grown immeasurably and it desperately needed to expand.

In 2006, Octane Magazine’s editor Robert Coucher engineered a meeting between Andy and Lee Maxted-Page, who owned a local classic car sales business.  Lee had some redundant farm buildings so Andy and Lee formed a partnership and AJP Engineering became Maxted-Page and Prill Ltd.  This enabled the workshop to expand and increase its capacity considerably.  The company forged links with the Colchester Institute and started an apprentice scheme to train and educate new staff.

Over the years the company has built and consolidated unrivalled skills and a reputation for its customer service and attention to detail.  The company is very much at the heart of classic Porsche and specialises in all models from 1948 to 1974 with the exception of some later racing models like the Porsche 934 and Group C, 956 and 962.

Continued success resulted into growing to 12 staff and the business needing to take another step forward.  With staff parking, up to twenty deliveries per day and customer visits the business inevitably started to detrimentally impact on Lee’s home and his family.

In late 2014, Andy Prill purchased Lee’s shareholding and became the sole owner of the company and changed its name to Prill Porsche Classics.  In a process of evolution not revolution the company has moved to a newly renovated purpose built premises.  This will provide better facilities in all respects.  Expanded well-appointed workshops, engine building area, staff and customer facilities will enable another step forward.

Our time on the farm has been good but there is a limit to what you can achieve from old farm buildings and while we managed the environment is not always conducive to working on valuable classic cars.  The classic car market has moved on, values have moved on and so have we…

Andy is very proud to be an Honorary Member of Porsche Club Great Britain and still serves as a Technical advisor to the 912 Register.

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