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There are a lot of specialist companies selling classic Porsche parts, which is not a core part of our business.  However, as a large purchaser of parts it will not be a surprise that we have some very well established relationships with parts suppliers world-wide.  This includes private people that we know have large collections of special and ultra-rare parts.  We have also built up a stock of rare and hard to find parts and if we have not got something we probably know where to get it.

We have developed some specialist parts because they were not available anywhere else.  Some parts have been developed in house and others have been developed with partners who then give us exclusive rights.

Since 1996 we have been the European distributor of Shasta Design Engineering piston / cylinders and other products.  We have a full stock of pistons and cylinder in stock.  We cannot say enough about the quality and value of the Shasta products. We have built over 200 Porsche 356 engines using Shasta pistons and cylinders and have never suffered a failure, which is an amazing fact when you consider the events we have won using them.

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