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Prill Porsche Classics


We have restored a lot of cars from standard 356s to the most exotic and rare racing models like the 550 Spyder, 904 and racing 911s.  In our experience it takes just as long to do a job badly as it does to do it properly so we make no excuse for doing it properly.  As car values have increased and continue to increase it is more important than ever that the restoration method used preserve the car’s originality and authenticity.  Anything less will very likely have a negative impact on a car’s value.  That is not to say that we cannot or will not make improvements if that is what an owner wants but we will make such improvements discreet and reversible, if required later.

Our experience has taught us a lot and given us a lot of empathy with how and why Porsche did things the way that they did.  When we restore a classic Porsche it is undertaken with the same care and consideration that Porsche applied when they designed and built the car.

An owner’s involvement is essential and we very much encourage owners to take an active role in the project.  A comprehensive photographic record is kept together with documentation and all of the old parts when parts are replaced.

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