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Prill Porsche Classics

Help and advice

Andy Prill and Sir Stirling Moss

No matter how small or how big a job or a project we are here to help you enjoy your classic Porsche and get the most from owning and driving it.  To that end whether you are already a customer or not we will always do our best to help and advise you. 

You can call, email or visit and we will do our best to give you the assistance or information that you need.

Charging and Invoicing

We generally only charge you for work when it is completed but on large projects or long term restorations we sometimes agree interim payments.  The important issue is that we will never take any payments ‘upfront’ or in advance.  This always means that we have funded the work and parts and you are paying in arrears for work done to your project not someone else’s.

Our invoices are fully detailed and itemised because they form an important parts of your car’s history file.

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