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2020: the year that wasn’t…

Prill Porsche - Christmas 2020

This time last year I said that the year ahead looked interesting, and interesting it has been, but in a way that no one could possibly have predicted—a world dominated by a global pandemic that has affected all our lives with unpredictable consequences.

Most of us have never before had to face a worldwide emergency, and thankfully so. Now that we have a vaccine hopefully the world can start getting back to normal again. Let’s also hope that it will be a new normal and we can make the world a better place post-Covid.

In the light of such a serious situation that has cost so many lives and changed other lives forever I am not going to comment on the classic car market, events or business. Suffice to say we are privileged to work within a great community and are grateful to remain busy. Our industry is worth £7.2 billion annually to the UK economy and much more to the wider world economy, so it has a big role in the economic recovery ahead.

Those of us who have remained well and have not been too badly affected should be very grateful. For those of you who have suffered ill health, lost loved ones or struggled in business you have our deepest sympathy.

Let’s look forward to a better year to come. A year in which we will get back to enjoying our cars and the events we all love, and can be thankful that we are able to.

Thank you to all of our clients and friends. Be safe, be well and be prosperous in 2021.

Best wishes in this holiday season.

The Prill Porsche Classics Team

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