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Christmas Cheer!

Prill Porsche Classics is open on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 December so if you fancy a change of scene do pop in for a coffee (or something stronger), a mince pie or two, talk Porsche and see some amazing Porsche projects.

Call 01787 476338 for the address if you need it.



Andy’s experience at the Daytona 24hr Classic – 14 -15 November 2015

Daytona – an evocative word in the consciousness of anyone interested in Motor Sport. It has certainly been on my radar for many years and in the summer when the invitation to drive there came I did not need more than a millisecond to accept.

Daytona x3

I thought that I knew what to expect but I was wrong on a few counts. Firstly, the place is amazing. The scale and position in relation to local facilities make it unique in my experience and that was before I had experienced the circuit itself.

The drivers’ meeting was interesting and I must admit to feeling some trepidation at the repeated warnings on how to drive the banking and what not to do because the consequences are always going to hurt. Then there was the experience of hearing cars on the track for the first time, which was incredible. Daytona is a fast track and the sound and sight of cars coming off of the banking onto the start finish in front of the enormous stands is something you have to experience personally to fully appreciate.

Daytona x2

Then it was time to drive the track for the first time and it did not disappoint. Driving a car flat out on this historic track with its two long 31 degree banked bends is the thrill of a lifetime and one of the best motor racing experiences in my career to date. It is always good when things go well and we had a great race and a good result. The thanks and appreciation have to go the organising HSR team and our US partners Heritage Motorsport who prepared and ran the car, a 1974 Porsche Carrera 3ltr RS with an incredible period race history that includes four Le Mans 24 Hours and a Disney movie!


Finally, I have to express my sincere thanks to the car’s owner, Chris Wilson, who because he could not do the race himself generously invited me to do it for him and trusted me and co driver Marc Devis with such a famous and valuable car.

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Vacancies at Prill Porsche Classics

We have successfully filled our vacancy but we are always interested to hear from people with skills and proven track record in the maintenance, repair and restoration of classic cars.

So if you are keen to join one of the most respected and experienced teams in the classic Porsche world we would like to hear from you.

Send an email to

Prill Porsche Classics

Maxted-Page and Prill Ltd has changed its name to Prill Porsche Classics. After nine successful years in partnership with Lee Maxted-Page, Andy Prill is now the sole Director of the company – nothing else has changed. Andy looks forward to continuing and building on the success of the past under the new name Prill Porsche Classics.

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